Another Feature Request - Episode Tracking

  • Peter Geoffery
    Peter Geoffery

    Firstly thanks for the great program.

    I have only just started using it to rename tv episodes and it saves me alot
    of time (used to do it manually)

    Now I noticed you have a button called episodes on the left.

    Woild it be possible to have the ability to add a tv show name and for the
    program to confirm if we are up to date.


    Add TV show "True Blood" from TVDB

    The software downloads all the episode names or I press a button called UPDATE
    and it does that.

    Then Pressing a CHECK button it scans some default directories for the

    If it finds a match it marks the episode as FOUND.

    Then by pressing another button SHOW MISSING the view would be filtered to
    show all episodes that haven't been found

    perhaps a manual method to add the FOUND flag would be useful.

    Thanks for listening

  • rednoah

    Thanks for your input. It's appreciated. The Episodes panel was important for
    renaming when I hadn't implemented the "auto fetch & match" features in Rename
    panel. Now it's only really useful if automatic series name detection doesn't

    FileBot is not really designed for what you propose right now so it would take
    some time. Other tv renaming applications do that quite well as far as I know.

  • Peter Geoffery
    Peter Geoffery

    Perhaps then using a web based system to do the storage.

    I ran across this

    It has the ability to mark aquired and watched.

    When you rename then you could update the with the aquired

    Thanks again

  • rednoah

    I really do like that idea with using an independent online db for keeping all
    the records. I can use the RSS feeds for querying, but I have not found any
    kind of webservice to mark episodes programatically. You got any ideas?

  • Peter Geoffery
    Peter Geoffery

    There is a forum there and I think there is some XML-API available.

    Someone wrote the iphone interface for the site so it should be possible.

    Using the online system would be good so i could add new episodes via filebot
    and watched status via iphone.

  • rednoah

    Had a look through the forums. There is an XML API in the works, but not yet
    available. The iPhone app currently hooks onto the html website to
    access/update information.

    I have a look at this again once the xml api is out and deployed.

  • rednoah

    Anybody still interested in this? I'm not planning to add this to the GUI but
    it might be a great use-case for filebot scripting.

  • chriscam86

    I am interested in this... thanks

  • rednoah

    A script that'll output missing eps should be fairly simple via scripting,
    I'll code that up when I have time. But updating myepisodes is pretty annoying
    without API, so I don't intend to do that.

  • Riccardo

    How to fix it?