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Métamorphose File and Folder Renamer / News: Recent posts

Recursive folder renaming

Try this SVN version for *drum roll* at last, recursive folder renaming !!


Please report any bugs, thanks !

Posted by ianaré 2011-01-02

Important bugfixes - New series

The latest beta release, 0.8.1 fixes a couple important bugs for the previous release of a few days ago. Please update to the latest release !

The 0.8.x series bring important changes to the core of the application that will enable long term improvements to Métamorphose and hopefully boost participation.

There are also some notable user requested features and improvements.

Posted by ianaré 2010-12-30

Métamorphose 1.1.0 released

Métamorphose 1 is now complete. There will be no more added features for this branch of the project, any bugs will still be fixed of course.

All development will now be focused on Métamorphose 2 with the more advanced interface which can handle more features and is more flexible. However the same familiar Métamorphose way of renaming is unchanged, so look forward to more renaming goodness in the future.... read more

Posted by ianaré 2007-10-27

First beta of Métamorphose2 released!

» 0.2.0 beta «
Date: 2007-07-13

First beta version wOOt!


* Lots of code cleanup and various small fixes.
* Repetitive functions go to separate utils file.
* Redo of preferences for easier maintenance.
* Preferences now correctly identifies version (again !).


* Project to SVN repository.
* Image preview in various sizes in picker and preview as requested by Joerg Desch.
* Undo button in main windows as requested by Joerg Desch.
* Show item type (file, folder) in preview.
* Lots of new icons, from the Fedora project.
* Saving and loading of a *basic* configuration file.
* Loading selection from CSV file.... read more

Posted by ianaré 2007-07-13

Métamorphose2 in Subversion

finally decided to use the SVN repository for the project. This will mean less releases to do, allowing me more time to devote to coding. I will try to commit changes whenever the files are modified, providing you with the latest version of the program.

Linux and FreeBSD users, to download (check out) the project from SVN, copy/paste the following into your command line:
svn co https://file-folder-ren.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/file-folder-ren/metamorphose2... read more

Posted by ianaré 2007-05-16

Métamorphose2 v0.1.2 alpha released

As far as features, Métamorphose2 is now up to par with Métamorphose1, and also adds some powerful new tools at your disposition. Most of the feature requests have been incorporated at this point.

Try it out and let me know if there is anything you would like to see added, removed, or changed.

Please, no bug reports yet ;-)

Posted by ianaré 2007-02-14

Métamorphose 2 pre-alpha released

For those that are curious as to what Métamorphose 2 will be like, a pre-alpha version has been released.

While most things work, there are of course a lot of unfinished portions and numerous bugs. I would not recommend using this version for anything other than testing and evaluation.

If you do evaluate it, please post feedback regarding the interface, features you would like to see etc.. However do not post bug reports until it reaches the beta stage.

Posted by ianaré 2007-01-05

Métamorphose 2 progress, screenshot

An early sneak peak of Métamorphose 2 is available here:

Almost all work for the project is now concentrated on getting an alpha release of Métamorphose 2 out sooner than later. It is already somewhat functional, however the first few releases will be severely lacking in features. All in due time... The first beta release should have most of the Métamorphose 1 features incorporated.... read more

Posted by ianaré 2006-12-15

Stable version released!

Métamorphose has reached an important milestone today with the release of the first stable version. The previous version, 0.4.0a has been available for 3 months and has been downloaded over 4000 times with no bug reports, so I felt it appropriate to label this release as 1.0. There have been no additional features added, but I did find a few minor bugs which have been corrected. This version also has German language support for the interface.... read more

Posted by ianaré 2006-11-20

Version 0.4.0 multi user

From now on, all preferences, undo files and language settings are on a per-user basis. This should also make networked installs posible, making upgrading easier in multi-user environments.

A Japanase translation has also been added.

Other changes include internal code cleanups/enhancements, some minor bug fixes, and a few minor adjustments to the interface.

Look forward to the current version finally reaching version 1.0.0 by next release, as bugs have not been coming in and since I feel like this version is as complete as it needs to be.... read more

Posted by ianaré 2006-08-12

First beta release !

Project is moving right along, and the first beta version (0.2.0) has been released.
This means that Métamorphose is basically complete, and there will most likely be no new renaming features. However there will be continued improvements of the help section, to the interface, and the user preferences. This is aside from bug fixes and speed improvements.

Posted by ianaré 2006-02-23