Who are 51Degrees.mobi and what does this project do?
51Degrees.mobi create extensions for PHP and Java for Web developers to rapidly create mobile web applications which will work on all mobile devices, handsets and browsers using the skills they have today. Click here to find out more.

This project, know as Foundation, is just one of our mobile components for developers. Its provided as an open source module that detects mobile devices and browsers, enhancing the information available to the web application. Mobile handsets can optionally be redirected to a home page designed for mobile phones. Smart phones, tablets and feature phones are all supported.

How does 51Degrees.mobi Foundation work?
Http requests are intercepted by an additional HttpModule before the page handler starts to process the page. The first task of the module is to detect the device making the request and enhance the default properties provided by Microsoft. For example; the Request.Browser.ScreenPixelsWidth property will return the precise value for the mobile device. Finally the module determines if the request should be sent to a mobile home page and performs the redirection. The web.config file can be used to control how detection and redirection operate for your specific web site. For example; some sites may wish to redirect only the very first request to a mobile home page enabling the user to navigate to the traditional home page.

To find out more try downloading our detection example web site or reading the operational summary.


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