fheroes2 development build 'Yuletide' released

Another month, another release of fheroes, the project to completely recreate Heroes of Might and Magic II in a portable, open-source manner. The fheroes2 team is proud to present the 'Yuletide' release, full of all the latest advances in computer player AI, as well as dozens of bug fixes! Here's the list of major changes since last release:

  • Heroes now level up and learn new skills based on race tables from HoMM II.
  • Wide monsters in battle now properly reflect in place, fixing a number of overlapping troop bugs.
  • Animation speed on the main adventure screen can now be controlled from the settings panel in game.
  • Added animations for previously static objects (stone liths, treasure chests, fountains).
  • Added rudimentary AI for castle building, recruiting troops and controlling heroes.
  • Stopped end turn confirmation dialog from appearing when all heroes cannot move any further along their paths, but still have movement points remaining.
  • Added music to Barbarian castle.
  • Tiles surrounding a monster on the adventure screen now show the battle mouse cursor.
  • Battle summary screen no longer misses some captured artifacts.
  • Added ultimate artifact puzzle interface.
  • Fixed a bug preventing remaining HP information from showing up in the monster info window in battle.
  • Fixed recurring problem in battles where AI units would walk next to a unit but not attack.
  • Fixed bug causing marketplace dialog to close after every trade.
  • Fixed various problems with dialogs being slightly transparent and very ugly.
  • Fixed bug causing experience award display on battle summary screen to always show 0.
  • Tiles surrounding monsters on the adventure screen now display the proper fight cursor.
  • All major dialogs should respond like HoMM II to ESC and RET key presses.
  • Message boxes now display the title in proper yellow letters.
  • Monsters now properly draw in front of scenery and other monsters while moving in battle.
  • Many more bug fixes.

Enjoy the holiday spirit, and cozy up the the fire with this release. Happy holidays from the fheroes2 team!

Posted by Josh Matthews 2012-10-09