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#86 Interactable Kingdom Overview Dialog.

Steven Aus

It's great that we have a Kingdom Overview screen now! Would you be able to allow interaction with it, like opening a hero window or town window over it when clicking on a hero or town (and when you close it it the Kingdom Overview would appear in full again) and for the Recruit <Unit> screen to come up when clicking on a troop that had more than 0 units available. If there were 0 units of a particular type available clicking on it would say "No <Creature Type=""> available at this settlement." If you clicked on a troop with more than 0 units available but no room in town it would say "No room in settlement to buy any troops." There could be an option to buy troops into a visiting hero's army for that settlement if there was no room in the garrison (or on the garrison hero). You could also dismiss existing units from a hero or settlement with a prompt "Are you sure you want to dismiss <Number> <Creature Name="" (plural="" greater="" than="" 1,="" singular="" if="" 1)=""> from <Hero Name="" Settlement="" Name="">".

It would be great if you could implement these functionalities! =)


  • Steven Aus
    Steven Aus


    "If there were 0 units of a particular type available clicking on it would say: "No <Creature Name="" Plural=""> available at this settlement."

    Everything else is fine.