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  • Hi there.

    Excuse me for saying, but I'm honestly unsure what the reason for FHeroes2 is. It's very neat (obviously it's not final and it's an early version) and everything, but I'm just wondering... do you intend to make some kind of editing tools? That would be awesome. So that you could change things about the game... unit stats, names, unit sprites, graphic/sound changing, etc.

    If you haven't planned on this, PLEASE, do something like this if it's not too much trouble. I've literally been wanting something like this for over 10 years.

    Thank you for your time,

    • SandySandy

      yes. it is bug. fixed latest svn rev. 1143.
      thanks you!

    • SandySandy

      • SandySandy

        I do not know where this wiki page was lost. :)

        1. For loading alternative sprites, it is necessary to learn name ICN of a file and an index sprite:
        2. It is necessary to unpack a file heroes2.agg. For this purpose use:
          tools/extractor.exe path_to/heroes2.agg agg_unpack_dir
        3. All sprites are in files ICN. To unpack them it is possible by means of the utility:
          tools/icn2img.exe icn_file unpack_dir
        4. Unpack all sprites. For example: HEROES.ICN is an image of the start menu, 1 sprite.

        5. We load an alternative picture into the starting menu:

        6. create folder files/cache/HEROES.ICN (case sensitive!)
        7. create xml file files/cache/HEROES.ICN/spec.xml
          <?xml version="1.0" ?>
          <icn name="HEROES.ICN" count="1">
          <sprite name="000.png" ox="0" oy="0"/>
        8. Copy your variant of a picture files/cache/HEROES.ICN/000.png.
          They should be the same size as well as the original.
        9. Set options: "use cache = on"
        10. Start game


        Code: code

      • Oh... okay then. Then I guess the purpose of this project is still a mystery to me.

        • Maybe they'are doing it for fun? Also, new implementation means multiplatform (for example you can play on linux ). Also, this project is still developed - when they will implement every feature of original game, they probably will implement new features.

    • PhoneixS

      I think that wiki have deleted in the new version of sourceforge, can you upload, or send to me the guide?

    • hey, just wanted to say that modding would be pretty awesome... I've been wanting this myself for very, very long time :)

      also, I dont know how to make this game work (i've already posted this on another forum, but got no answer) ._.

      • PhoneixS

        Ok, thanks. What about put this mini-tutorial in the web of fheroes? To start adding something.

        PD: For Anonimous, if you create a new thread I will help you. But make it explaning why you can't run the game, your OS, etc.

    • PhoneixS

      Hi, I have tried what you say and now I have a Main menu background changed (with a reference to fheroes 2 ;D). The problem, always appear a problem :-( , is that I'm triying to change the main menu buttons (new game, quit, credits, etc) but only appear the image 000.png (new game), and all other not appear, and if I rigth click over this new button, it say that is the quit button.

      All png and the spec.xml are in a folder called BTNSHNGL.ICN (the menu buttons).

      This is my spec.xml:
      <?xml version="1.0" ?>
      <icn name="BTNSHNGL.ICN" count="20">
      <sprite name="000.png" ox="0" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="001.png" ox="0" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="002.png" ox="0" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="003.png" ox="0" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="004.png" ox="100" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="005.png" ox="100" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="006.png" ox="100" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="007.png" ox="100" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="008.png" ox="200" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="009.png" ox="200" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="010.png" ox="200" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="011.png" ox="200" oy="0"/>
      <sprite name="012.png" ox="0" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="013.png" ox="0" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="014.png" ox="0" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="015.png" ox="0" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="016.png" ox="200" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="017.png" ox="200" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="018.png" ox="200" oy="100"/>
      <sprite name="019.png" ox="200" oy="100"/>

    • PhoneixS

      It's something wrong?

  • I totally agree with kastorwarlock. I have few creature animations finished
    and I waited for opportunity to add them to the game as the next upgrades (for
    example: paladin -> crusader -> holy avenger). It would be SO AWESOME to have
    this kind of possibilities...

  • SandySandy

    Now probably only to change sprite existing troops and objects.

  • Steven Aus
    Steven Aus

    You see, I don't think there was a lot wrong with the HOMM II game as it was
    originally released - after all, it was rated as one of the top 10 computer
    games of all time! The character (graphics, music and sound effects) and the
    gameplay was very enjoyable and really captured the essence of a LOTR-esque
    lively fantasy world. =) Now with some of the main improvements from HOMM III
    - wait function in battles, space-bar revisit, mine garrisoning - as well as
    the ability to tweak the stats like in the HOMM II Mod, I think that the main
    changes from now on, apart from bug fixes and improved HOMM II - like AI, will
    be tweaks to the core gameplay.

    One thing that could possibly be added at some stage is one use and/or limited
    use scrolls (and perhaps balanced one-use potions, maybe available from
    Alchemy Labs - one only active per combat - not overpowering like the HOMM IV
    immortality potion, and not useless like most of the other HOMM IV potions
    ;-). I think limited use scrolls (and potions, done well) fit with the HOMM II
    character, and it would be cool if they could be in fheroes2 at some stage,
    plus I really look forward to an updated Map Editor and Campaign Editor later
    on in fheroes2's development! =)

    Best regards,

  • @stevenaus:
    What's the point in making Heroes 2 engine from the begining, when you don't
    want to implement good modding possibilities? What about those people who wish
    to make and add another faction to this game?

    Tools for modding like CHANGING creature stats, ADDING new creatures,
    buildings, adventure map objects and WHOLE FACTIONS should be available with
    this project.

    Look it that way: You say you think that nothing was really wrong with H2,
    that's okay, it's your opinion. But don't close the door for modding to
    others, who want to make some more, personal changes to this game, like for
    example adding a new faction of Elemental conflux.

    I'm not asking for a fish, I'm asking for fishing rod - I'm not asking for
    making all these modifications. I'm just asking for tools, to make them...

    Best regards

  • PhoneixS

    It's open source, you can make any change that you like to make or any modding
    tool that you like to get.

  • I have graphic skills. I don't know how to make such tools.


  • Steven Aus
    Steven Aus

    I know a little programming, but not heaps. I wouldn't say I'm proficient in
    C++ coding. ;-) If someone wanted to they could help create some modding tools
    for those using the fheroes2 project (either by collaborating with afletdinov
    or creating a fork). However there is a fair amount of consideration given to
    those who are fairly involved in a project, and what they use their spare time
    on. I agree that it would be neat to have more modding possibilities, that's
    true. =) But we would need someone to create those modding tools.

    What do afletdinov and others think? Are there people willing to make modding
    and adding towns/creatures etc. more of a focus in this project or a forked
    project, and have the time and skills to make it happen?

    (With regards to modding, the VCMI Project for H3 will have a big focus on the
    ability to create all sorts of modification possibilities, but I don't think
    that's currently a big focus in fheroes2. I would be quite happy to support a
    good modding capability if people have the motivation, time, skills etc. But
    AFAIK the fheroes2 project focus, currently, is on tweaking and refining the
    already excellent gameplay of a game that has been rated one of the top ten
    computer games of all time. =) That's what I meant by saying the gameplay of
    standard H2 was already excellent. :-)

    But that doesn't mean that others can't take a different path and focus. I
    wish you and other Heroes all the best in whatever you do! =)

    Best regards,

  • I understand that authors of fheroes2 mainly focus on 'rebuilidng' the whole
    game engine. That's great, no rushing.
    I only suggest making these tools - I just want them to be done, no matter


  • dudejo

    changing unit stats wouldn't hurt.

    god knows the Knight troops need some tweaks. like the Peasant and his
    complete uselessness. the Archer's . the complete interchangeability between
    the Pikemen and the Swordsmen.

    if it were possible to change them i'd do this :

    Peasant gets 4 HP, 1-2 damage and Slow speed. in theory, a Goblin will win 1
    vs 1 but 2 Peasants will actually stand a chance. more importantly, a group of
    peasants can actually handle getting attacked without getting obliterated.

    Archer gets Slow speed. hopefully this makes Archers a little less likely to
    get attacked first.

    Pikeman gets 4-6 damage. in larger groups, this makes them the Knight's main
    offensive unit.

    Swordsmen get 3-4 damage and 10 Defense skill. with this, they become more
    affordable meat shields. than Cavalry and Paladins.

  • PhoneixS

    The stats can be changed (at least in the last revision). You need to make a
    file called monsters.xml with and xml structures (<monsters><monster skip="0" attack="12" ...=""/><monster ...="">...</monsters>).
    If I have some time, I will add an entry into the wiki of fheroes.

  • dudejo

    i noticed there already is such a file with the FHeroes engine download.

    will modifying that do anything?

  • Steven Aus
    Steven Aus

    Here are the suggested changes from the HoMM 2 Mod, available at the following
    URL on a Yahoo Group:


    They are:

    Increased Peasant basic growth from 12 to 24 (total 24+2+8=34)
    Decreased Peasant gold cost from 20 to 15
    Increased Peasant speed from Very Slow to Slow
    Increased Archer/Ranger hit points from 10 to 11
    Increased Pikeman/Veteran Pikeman hit points from 15/20 to 16/21
    Increased Pikeman/Veteran Pikeman damage from 3-4 to 3-5
    Increased Pikeman/Veteran Pikeman gold cost from 200/250 to 210/260
    Increased Swordsman/Master Swordsman hit points from 25/30 to 26/31
    Increased Swordsman/Master Swordsman damage from 4-6 to 4-7
    Increased Swordsman/Master Swordsman gold cost from 250/300 to 260/310
    Increased Cavalry/Champion hit points from 30/40 to 35/45
    Increased Cavalry/Champion gold cost from 300/375 to 340/415
    Decreased Jousting Arena wood cost from 20 to 15
    Increased Paladin/Crusader hit points from 50/65 to 60/75
    Increased Paladin gold cost from 600 to 675
    Decreased Cathedral wood cost from 20 to 10
    Decreased Upg. Cathedral cost from 10 wood, 10 crystal, 5000 gold to 10 wood,
    5 crystal, 3500 gold
    Decreased Fortifications wood/ore cost from 5/15 to 0/10

    Increased Goblin basic growth from 10 to 12 (total 12+2+8=22)
    Increased Orc hit points from 10 to 11
    Increased Wolf defense from 2 to 4
    Increased Wolf gold cost from 200 to 210
    Decreased Ogre Lord hit points from 60 to 55
    Decreased Ogre Lord gold cost from 500 to 475
    Decreased Troll/War Troll gold cost from 600/700 to 575/650
    Increased Cyclops hit points from 80 to 85
    Increased Cyclops gold cost from 750 to 800
    Decreased Pyramid ore cost from 20 to 10
    Decreased Coliseum cost from 10 wood, 10 ore, 2000 gold to 5 wood, 5 ore, 1500

    Increased Sprite basic growth from 8 to 10 (total 10+2+8=20)
    Decreased Dwarf/Battle Dwarf gold cost from 200/250 to 190/235
    Increased Elf Attack skill from 4 to 5
    Increased Grand Elf Attack skill from 5 to 7
    Increased Elf/Grand Elf hit points from 15 to 16
    Increased Upg. Stonehenge gold cost from 1500 to 2000
    Increased Unicorn hit points from 40 to 45
    Increased Unicorn gold cost from 500 to 515
    Changed Rainbow's mercury/crystal cost from 0/10 to 5/5

    Increased Cave ore cost from 0 to 5
    Decreased Crypt ore cost from 10 to 5
    Decreased Hydra gold cost from 800 to 775
    Decreased Green/Red/Black Dragon basic growth from 1 to 0 (total 0+2=2)
    Decreased Red/Black Dragon hit points from 250/300 to 240/280
    Decreased Green Tower gold cost from 15000 to 13000
    Increased Red/Black Tower gold cost from 5000 to 6000
    Increased Dungeon cost from 5 wood, 10 ore, 3000 gold to 5 wood, 10 Ore, 3500
    gold, and 3/3/3/3 rare

    Increased Halfling gold cost from 50 gold to 55 gold
    Increased Boar defense from 4 to 5
    Increased Roc defense from 7 to 8
    Decreased Upg. Ivory Tower gold cost from 4000 to 3000
    Increased Giant hit points from 150 to 155
    Decreased Giant/Titan basic growth from 1 to 0 (total 0+2=2)
    Decreased Titan hit points from 300 to 280
    Decreased Titan gold cost from 5000 to 4500
    Decreased Cloud Castle gold cost from 12500 to 7500
    Increased Upg. Cloud Castle gold cost from 12500 to 16500

    Decreased Skeleton gold cost from 75 to 70
    Increased Zombie speed from Very Slow to Slow
    Increases Zombie/Mutant Zombie defense from 2 to 3
    Decreased Zombie/Mutant Zombie gold cost from 150/200 to 140/190
    Increased Mummy/Royal Mummy defense from 6 to 7
    Changed Upg. Mansion cost from 5 wood, 10 crystal, 10 gems, 4000 gold to 5
    wood, 10 mercury, 5 crystal, 3000 gold
    Increased Lich hit points from 25 to 30 but decreased defense from 12 to 11.
    Decreased Lich/Power Lich gold cost from 750/900 to 650/750
    Changed Upg. Mausoleum cost from 5 ore, 5 crystal, 3000 gold to 5 ore, 5
    sulfur, 2500 gold
    Decreased Bone Dragon hit points from 150 to 140
    Increased Bone Dragon gold cost from 1500 to 1600
    Increased Laboratory mercury & gold cost from 5 mercury, 10000 gold to 10
    mercury, 12000 gold

    Decreased Mage Guild Lv2 rare resource cost from 4 to 2
    Decreased Mage Guild Lv3 rare resource cost from 6 to 4
    Decreased Mage Guild Lv4 rare resource cost from 8 to 6
    Decreased Mage Guild Lv5 rare resource cost from 10 to 8
    Decreased Shipyard wood cost from 20 to 15

    Knight Lv 2-9: No change: 35/45/10/10
    Knight Lv 10+: No change: 25/25/25/25
    Barbarian Lv 2-9: No change: 55/35/5/5
    Barbarian Lv 10+: No change: 25/25/25/25 (manual incorrect, it's NOT
    Sorceress Lv 2-9: 20/25/25/30 from 10/10/30/50
    Sorceress Lv 10+: 20/25/25/30 from 20/20/30/30
    Warlock Lv 2-9: 20/20/35/25 from 10/10/50/30
    Warlock Lv 10+: No change: 20/20/30/30
    Wizard Lv 2-9: 20/20/30/30 from 10/10/40/40
    Wizard Lv 10+: No change: 20/20/30/30
    Necro Lv 2-9: 25/25/25/25 from 15/15/35/35
    Necro Lv 10+: No change: 25/25/25/25

    I will upload the files I have been using to a new issue/"bug report", which
    also includes a few more changes apart from these ones here.

    Best regards,

  • Steven Aus
    Steven Aus

    Of course, "KNIGHT" might be a bit more relevant than "NIGHT". I guess I
    didn't correctly copy the first letter. ;-)

    Best regards,

  • dudejo

    that looks cool. any way i can do something like that myself?

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