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Fleming File Sharing System / News: Recent posts

Debian Package fixed

The ffss-server and ffss-master packages were broken.
Now fixed.

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2002-07-16

Complete Package release

Provided :
* Windows : win9x fs driver , a client ( not a serious one ) , the server.

*Unices : a good text client , a quite good gtk client , the server and the master .

A really good MFC windows client will be released for the next major update . Really good.

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2002-05-28

New package release

This package release don't contains the text client for linux.
Stay tuned ;)

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2002-05-18

Package release

There is some recent package from 22-02-2002 sources.

What could I say ... It Ownz ... ;)

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2002-03-08

A new cvs update

zekiller and other dev are now using a cvs -ready tree . that's should make cvs release more easy :)

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2001-04-16

CVS is up to date

I've just committed the past 2 months changes .

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2001-04-02

ffss is on sourceforge

in french :
sa y est , fefesse a un site sur sourceforge.
il n'ya plus qu'a attendre le cvs .. le site web .. et les releases frequentes des developpeurs qui ne sont pas encore logus.

Posted by Jaquemet Loic 2001-02-02