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Commit [r4] Maximize Restore History

Move files around

createsoftware 2010-07-20

removed /trunk/Create FrameFlow
removed /trunk/Create FrameFlow.sln
removed /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/Create FrameFlow.vbproj
removed /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/Create FrameFlow.vbproj.user
changed /trunk/FFmpeg GUI.sln
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project/Application.Designer.vb -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project/Application.Designer.vb
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project/AssemblyInfo.vb
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project/Resources.Designer.vb
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project/Settings.Designer.vb
copied /trunk/Create FrameFlow/My Project/app.manifest -> /trunk/FFmpeg GUI/My Project/app.manifest
/trunk/Create FrameFlow
File was removed.
/trunk/Create FrameFlow.sln
File was removed.
/trunk/FFmpeg GUI.sln Diff Switch to side-by-side view
/trunk/Create FrameFlow to /trunk/FFmpeg GUI
File was copied or renamed.