OS X, PPC and Accelerate

Alex Mason
  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    just wondering how much this has been optimized for the OS X and the G5 (and other ppc chips to I guess) and if it user apple's accelerate framework at all. would using it help? or is what you guys have done faster than other methods/wouldn't be affected by accelerate? Anyway, great app.
    Cya, Al.

    • Hi Al,

      FFFF does not use Apple's Accelerate Framework.

      Since Acclereate is a generic vector-math abstraction layer over native SSE*/AltiVec, I guess it should be slower (FFFF uses native assembly code).

      Anyway it would be nice to test AF to get an idea of its performance.



      • P.S. Note that FFFF code-paths for the G5 (both FPU and AltiVec) are not yet optimized.