#339 full screen issue with vista MCE

v1.0 (example)

Hi please can someone talk to me, I have put this issue through 5 times ,wioth noone getting back to me, this is a BIG issue, at full screen the codec is stuffed, all files are UNWATCHABLE USING YOUR CODEC, and it never used to be 6 months ago it was perfect, I think it is something to do with nvidia drivers and your codec, but i will leave it up to you to decide that when u see the FRPAS VIDEO at windowed mode, it plays back 100% perfect, also same file in VLC plays back flawlessly at full screen, if someone can communicate with me, i will send you a fraps video of what is going on. I have asked for a support request because bug reporting isnt getting any attention at all.

so Please get back to me so I can show you this massive error that everyone is experiencing, i am a member of australian media centre community and all 7000 members are getting the same issue, so im not just some noob that doesnt kno what im doing.