Thursday, December 15, 2005, 9:03:50 PM, you wrote:


> Did you set ffdshow to convert YV12 used in h.264 to RGB or did you

> used some other converter?

  FFDSHOW, not using custom converters.

  i tried to turn off "high quality YV12 to RGB conversion", but didn't help.

>>   on the other hand, edges of BMP grab are more like what i get

>> from VMR9 (FFDSHOW). it seems that some sort of blending occured

>> (when i compare BMP FFDSHOW grab with mplayer -vo png) which leads

>> to green oreol around my chroma key figures...

> Probably YV12->RGB differs in how they upsample chroma planes. Some

> may use nearest pixel, some use interpolation. Honestly, when I was

> adding colorspace conversions to ffdshow I gathered routines from

> xvid, mplayer and avisynth without actually understanding the

> differences. So now results might depend on which colorspace converter

> is used.

  so all these conversion routines exist in FFDSHOW? is it posible to choose between them?

  i don't think this is the problem, but it's a good thing to rule it out. i base this statement on green color i get from VMR9, it is not RGB(0, 255, 0) as BMP grab reports it (BMP grab is what FFDSHOW is returning after decoding, if i understood you right), so some postprocessing is bound to happen - or BMP grab is not what FFDSHOW is returning.

  i guess if i really want to solve my problem i would eventualy have to get into the code...

  best regrads,