#89 ffdshow Audio - Integrate Matrix Mixer with Bass Redirection

Snir Hassidim

Hi, I have a 7.2 sound system, and my subwoofers are connected in-line to my front full-range speakers (my sound card and receiver support 7.1, so I preferred connecting them in-line). So far I've managed to use the matrix mixer to redirect all the input from the LFE channel to front left and front right, but I've noticed some movies have bass in the side and rear speakers, which they sometimes can't handle.

I was wondering if a feature could be written that would redirect bass from pre-selected channels (and not all of them; i.e. rear,side,center) to the LFE channel, later to be redirected again in the matrix mixer.

A very very neat feature would be to create 2 LFE channels to accommodate 5.2 and 7.2 setups, that way all bass contained in the left channels would be redirected to LFE_L and all bass contained in the right to LFE_R in the matrix mixer (since I don't think there is driver support for 2 LFEs, these channels would be used solely in the matrix mixer, and the user can decide where to send them - either both to the sound card's LFE channel, or the the front left/right channels.

A very common setup is 2 front full-range speakers and 3/5 satellite speakers. My satellites respond to low frequencies by design, but some movies exaggerate their use in satellite speakers (e.g. Tron: Legacy, where he rides the elevator to Games)). So redirecting bass from all rear satellites to the LFE channel but keeping the low frequencies for the front left/right channels would be a great feature for users with this setup; most movies use the front left/right channels for bass as well.

Bass contained in the center speaker would be redirected 50/50 or not at all (most center speakers are designed to handle low frequencies in speech).

I tried using the LFE Crossover plugin; it doesn't seem to do anything, really. Maybe it doesn't go to the matrix mixer?