#66 resize to monitor resolution


ffdshow already have resize to screen, but it add black bars. I already search the feature request and apparently there was a request like this already. Basically what I want is to resize the video to the nearest screen resolution. If I have 640/480 video, I want to resize it to 1400x1050 on 1680x1050 and not 1680x1050 with black bars on either sides. Using current ffdshow resize to screen resulted in subs not being placed correctly (since the subs expect a certain aspect ratio and didn't account for the added black bars by ffdshow) and since I set my media player (MPC-HC) to keep aspect ratio, then the black bars is counted as the movie resolution, thus the movie looked squashed.

You can overcome this limitation if at least ffdshow offer to resize by specifying vertical size (currently ffdshow can only have specify horizontal or specify both, but not specify only vertical) and make profile that is triggered by source aspect ratio.


  • nonsens112

    that was my feature request on the old forum:

    "resize filter page has currently only one option automatically linked to screen resolution - "Resize to screen resolution".
    its drawback is that it adds black borders to compensate source and screen DAR difference, so ASS subtitles are positioned incorrectly on resulting image when using vsfilter to render them. of course, AR compensation can be disabled so picture is really resized to screen resolution, but then additional resize is needed to make AR correct. I hope everyone realizes that double resize is worse than single.

    what is really needed is to resize to a greatest resolution that fits 1:1 to screen resolution. for example, if screen resolution is 1920x1200 with SAR 1:1, video DAR is 16/9, then final resolution must be 1920x1080; 4/3 on the same screen should become 1600x1200.

    this way of resizing can be named "Fit to screen resolution" and used as default."

    I'd also emphasize that there's no way to "overcome this limitation" in general case with current ffdshow.