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  • Michael Novick
    Michael Novick

    Sorry to bother, but i did have a few questions that popped to mind today...
    Im not a developer, but i do operate a linux build-bot(x86-64/x86-gnu-linux architectures) building ffmpeg and many codecs. as a result, it left me wondering today, quite a few things about FFdshow.
    Ill try to organize them.

    1: I see both LibAV and FFmpeg listed, which is used for libavcodec in ffdshow. - How often is it updated?
    2: Is (lib)x264 used in libavcodec for H.264 decoding?
    3: Why is libx264 not available for standalone decoding?
    4: Is there plans to include H.265 decoding in the future(Currently available under linux with ffmpeg --with-x265{libavcodec-x265})
    5: Is there any way or plans at any point to add external codecs(dirac,xvid,libx264/5,libvpx)
    6: How often is libav/ffmpeg(libavcodec/etc) updated, is it a focus of ffdshow to keep upstream changes in ffdshow. or is it more of a priority to focus on compatibility?(i honestly dont know how this works... i also dont know what ffdshow-tryouts lifecycle is focused around)

    7: Is there a info page on building ffdshow.
    8: Is FFdshow able to be built under mingw(gcc-toolchain)

    also, is there a Faq anywhere. i dont want to be bothering any of the users or developers with wasteful questions.

    Thank You for all your hard work, FFdshow-Tryouts Dev's.

  • clsid

    ffdshow development is inactive and the software is outdated.

    It is recommended to use LAV Filters instead.