#334 Incorrect ratio of anamorphic video


Please read this discussion with LAV Splitter author, he claims that it is ffdshow bug:
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The video below have h264 in MKV container with the following parameters:
Video pixel width: 720
Video pixel height: 576
Video display width: 1066
Video display height: 576
Despite of that, displaying video in the chain LAV splitter + MPC HC + ffdshow shows it as 5:4 instead of 1.85:1. Please note that LAV decoders are NOT installed. In case they are installed, aspect ratio is correct (1.85:1).

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LAV splitter 5.61.1, MPC-HC (internal codecs/splitters all off), ffdshow tryouts rev4504

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The chain Haali splitter + MPC HC + ffdshow display the correct aspect ratio, not 5:4, so the problem lays somewhere between LAV splitter and ffdshow, it seems Haali does some additional things to please ffdshow and will be nice if LAV splitter will do the same.

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This is a bug in ffdshow.
Haali manually overwrites the values in the H264 stream with the ones from the MKV file, however this is *not* correct behaviour, and LAV Splitter will not do that. The splitter should never modify the bitstream, and its up to the decoder to control the aspect ratio.

Use LAV Video if you want a decoder which behaves properly.


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