Hi Jonathan.
I've readed it here: http://ffado.org/?q=node/862
I have a card with chipset VT6315 (http://sybausa.com/productInfo.php?iid=75). It works on Windows Vista.
I will try to solve the problem. But if I can't I will record in 44100.

Thank you.

2012/12/15 Jonathan Woithe <jwoithe@just42.net>
Hi Stefano

On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 11:50:27PM -0200, Stefano Vettorazzi Campos wrote:
> > Now I have problems working with 88200. So I will try to solve the errors
> > without help.
> :
> Sorry, my firewire card have a VIA chip. It's the problem.

What has lead you to the conclusion that it's the VIA chip?

Which VIA chip is it (some are ok)?  Please run

  lspci -v

and post the section related to the firewire card.

> Do you recommend me buy a card with TI chip or try to solve it?

In relation to the warnings, most of the them are probably harmless.  If
your firewire interface works then there probably isn't worth attempting to
"solve" most of the issues because they aren't really issues.  There were a
handful of interesting warnings (the ones about the iso channels, plus the
register value warnings) and it would be good to get to the bottom of those.
However, I'm not convinced they would be due to the VIA chipset.

If there are other difficulties associated with the VIA chip (eg: trouble at
88.2 kHz) then there's probably not much you can do beyond getting a
replacement card.  We have noted a number of cards which are problematic
with audio, and these problems tend not to be isolated to just Linux.  In
these cases there are issues with the chip itself which prevents it
operating correcty.

Cards based on the TI chipset are a pretty good bet all-round.  There are a
few others which are ok but I can't recall them off-hand and the server
which hosts the part of our website which lists them is off-line at present.
Others on the list may be able to recall some of the others.