I am also seeing this issue, but for me it does not happen when manipulating the mixer. It happens on an xrun, usually when stopping the transport at the end of a capture in Ardour 2. One xrun is registered and monitoring goes away. You need to restart the Pro 26. Sometimes Jack simply dies on the xrun.



On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 9:35 PM, Ole Bromose <ob@dansound.dk> wrote:
On 2010-10-25 21:28, Stefan Richter wrote:
> Ole Bromose wrote:
>> firecontrol does not report any reset. What I saw at several occasions
>> was that the power light on the Pro 26 flashed for a couple of seconds
>> just as when clicking "Identify Device", so I thought it was a reset. In
>> most cases: the monitor output vanishes. and I must power on/off and
>> restart jack/ffado in order to have it back.
> OK.  As far as I understood discussions about the Split_Timeout register of
> the iee1394 core kernel driver (and firewire-core driver), the Pro 26 might
> belong to the class of audio devices whose chipset becomes briefly
> unresponsive during certain asynchronous transactions.  It performs the
> request but sends the response later than the standard value in Split_Timeout
> allows.  However, FFADO has this issue covered as it increases Split_Timeout
> such that it won't miss the somewhat late device response.
> Maybe the issue that you are seeing is a different (though much graver)
> symptom of the same inherent hardware weakness.  Or maybe not.
> Do you power the Pro 26 via FireWire or via its own PSU?  If the former, try
> the latter (and the other way around if possible).

I'm powering the Pro 26 via its own supply. My laptop has only a 4-wire
connection, so I cannot power the 26 from the laptop.


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