Hi Philippe

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Hi Yves,

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What seems not to work: the global "Activate Dim", which has no effect, 
whatever the Dim Level is. As a consequence, the GD buttons have no 
effect for any of the six lines.

Ooooops. I mistook in the registers for Pro 24. I correct this as rapidly as possible.

Corrected in last revision 2253.

Yves, can you update and test again ?
Hi Philippe

Sorry for testing so late.

Dim now works for all 6 output channel (Dim level OK, button "Activate Dim" is OK, and buttons "GD" are OK).

That's nice.

But there is something strange with Line/Out 1 and 2: the level is very weak, compared to Line/Out 3 to 6. Iverified all settings (especially the buttons for which there is a very weak contrast between on and off) but I could not find any explanation. I had not observed that with revision before 2253.

Well, the monitoring behaviour is different between Pro 40 and Pro 24/14. More particularly, the front panel Monitor control; Focusrite documentation mentions:

"Note that the front panel Monitor control affects only outputs 1 and 2, and is an additional volume control on top of the monitor level set in Saffire Mix Control software."

It looks like it is a purely physical control, so moving this control should modify what you hear. Had you an attempt like this ?
I had not attempted that, and I have done it now. I confirm that the volume control on the Saffire Pro24 labelled "Monitor" affects outputs 1 and 2. Since it was set to a very low level, this explains why outputs 1 and 2 were weak.

Now the level is similar on 1/2, 3/4 or 5/6. And the various Dim buttons and cursors work on 1/2 exactly as on the others.

Sorry, I should have checked this control.

In any case, send me again the output of test-dice-eap -c1 -a --port=fw1, provided you run the command while your settings are active (and low output level for line 1/2 is obtained in comparison with other line levels).

Yet another remark: only the upper part of the scale for all the potentiometers can be used, otherwise the sound is totally muted when the cursor is in the lowest half.

There is no real muting with the sliders: they range from 0 to -128dB, knowing that, when dim is activated, they are modulated (simple addition) by the dim level which itself ranges from 0 to -128dB (so that the whole range is from 0 to -256dB; related to the fact that 4 bytes of the register are involved for each setting).
It's probably true that -64dB is yet very low but this is a specific character of Saffire Pro.
OK, so this is not a real problem, just slightly annoying.