Le jeudi 30 janvier 2014 à 16:25 +1030, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
Hi Phil
Hi Jonathan,

On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 07:46:50PM +0100, Phil/La Page Web of Phil wrote:
> Le mercredi 29 janvier 2014 à 08:50 +1030, Jonathan Woithe a écrit :
> > On the topic of a possible release of a version 2.2, is there any other work
> > you have pending which you would like to get into 2.2? 
> I found time to commit the patches for file saving of settings along the
> discussion we had some times ago.

Ah yes, I see that now.

> They involves only common settings for DICE EAP, not their specific
> ones. I'm not sure that the latter would be really useful; whatever it
> could be added in some future.

I agree.  Let's see how things pan out.

> I didn't commit anything concerning a refresh of author list; as you
> said, it would be better to have somewhere a single file containing the
> information.

Fair enough.  I'll have a look at that in due course.

Can you confirm that the patch

(which comprised whitespace cleanups only) was merged as part of the
settings save work?

Yes, of course; I concatenated patches from the second to the fifth because 3 to 5 were essentially modifications accounting for your comments and recommendations (and from Arnold too).

> Until now, I failed to solve the bug of Pro 40 at 96kHz; I was able
> sometimes to work at this rate but more usually it fails to synchronize.

That's fine.  If it's solved for 2.2 then great.  If time restrictions
prevent it then we'll live with it.

I'm rather not optimistic: probably it will have to be postponed to further version 2.3.

Best regards,

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