Email from a workflow is supported in Fez trunk which is the latest code in our subversion repository.

The fez deduping feature I'm working on uses it.  You can import the deduping feature from workflow_duplicates_report.xml, workflow_generate_duplicates_report.xml and xsds_duplicate_report.xml in the /upgrade dir.

I recently uploaded a screencast which has an email step


On 7/11/07, Ari Davidow <> wrote:
The developer who helped us set up Fez, says that last time he worked with the tool, workflow was generally broken. We'd =like= to be able to have a workflow such that inputting a new item by one of our interns would trigger notification email, say, to an administrator who could look over the new entry and approve it.

Is this currently supported in a reasonable (feel free to use a definition of "reasonable" that you find reasonable :-)) fashion? Is there documentation or tips to which we can be pointed?

Many thanks,

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