Hi Lynette,

Try running /upgrade/ and see if the new tables are created.  We might not have integrated the upgrade sql scripts into the setup script on the trunk version.  We also haven't set the version number in trunk - it comes from the config.inc.php file and can say anything you like really.

Sometime before the next release, we hope to do some kind of move away from config.inc.php and store only the very basics of database connection in that file and the rest in a table in Fez.  That way Fez can be a bit smarter about managing the config variables. 


On 5/30/07, Lynette Rayle <elrayle@cs.cornell.edu> wrote:

We have just set up a new installation of Fez 1.3 RC3 to use for our current production needs.  I tried to create a community and got the following error…


Fatal error: Call to a member function setTemplateVars() on a non-object in /var/www/html/onramp-fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php on line 81


The error log has…


            [2] =>     [0] => DB Error: no such table

            [3] =>     [1] => INSERT INTO fez.fez_workflow_sessions (wfses_usr_id, wfses_listing, wfses_date) VALUES ('2','',NOW()) [nativecode=1146 ** Table 'fez.fez_workflow_sessions' doesn't exist]             


Looking in phpadmin, the referenced table does not exist.


Two questions…

1)       Is Fez 1.3 RC3 the full release of 1.3?  I call it Fez 1.3 RC3 because of the credits at the bottom all the pages.

2)       Did we miss a setup step that would have created that table?  The table does not exist in the test version of Fez 1.3 that we have been using for a few months.  (It also says Fez 1.3 RC3 in the credits.)




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