Well, after some further testing it seems like sanity-checks gives this error message even if everything works as it did before the upgrade.




Bengt Neiss


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Ämne: [Fez-developers] Error when upgrading to Fez 2.0 RC1




I hope this is the right forum for this question…


I have been running a late trunk from autumn 2007 with no problems until today. After upgrading to Fez 2.0 RC1 it seems that Fez cannot authenticate itself toward Fedora.

Fez and Fedora are running on different servers and with separate mysql installations. The error message is as follows:


Failed: Fedora Direct FEDORA_DB_DATABASE_NAME = 'fedora22' Failed to use DB. Check that the specified database user has permissions on the Fedora database. Check that the database password is correct. Check that database name is set correctly. DB Error: DB Error: insufficient permissions use fedora22 [nativecode=1044 ** Access denied for user 'fezuser'@'localhost' to database 'fedora22']


Well, there haven´t been any changes that I am aware except for the upgrade and what I think is peculiar is that the error message says that ‘fezuser’ cannot access database, which, in my view, indicate that Fez isn´t using the fedorauser supplied in the Fedora Settings…


Any suggestions on how to solve this or is it a bug??

All supplied information in Fedora Settings seems to be correct and I can authenticate towards Fedora with the credentials from another computer.




Bengt Neiss