Hi all –

We have noticed here that when there isn’t a citation view for an object in “Unpublished Items” and “My Created Items”, there is no way to actually view the item as there isn’t an href element to click on – unless the item is an image, in which case clicking the thumb IS possible.


The bug is pretty benign, but awfully annoying.  The fix is pretty simple.


In my_created_items.tpl.html :



was :

<a href="{$rel_url}view/{$list[i].rek_pid|escape}" class="title_link">{$list[i].rek_citation}</a>


should read something like :

<a href="{$rel_url}view/{$list[i].rek_pid|escape}" class="title_link">

   {if ($list[i].rek_citation)}{$list[i].rek_citation}{else}{$list[i].rek_title}{/if}



Same change in my_assigned_items.tpl.html  :