Hi Sean

First are you using ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy)? 7.04 (feisty) had some tomcat issues.

did you install tomcat with sudo apt-get install tomcat5.5?

If so can you start it with sudo /etc/init.d/tomcat5.5 start?


On 4/2/08 3:39 PM, "Abel, Sean (SLSA)" <Abel.Sean@slsa.sa.gov.au> wrote:

Hi Christiaan,

After spending a day trying to get FEDORA working on Ubuntu I am not getting any closer, I am following the recipe from the Fez wiki.  As best as I can work out the problem is with Tomcat- I can't even get the Tomcat server to show life.  Nothing on the FEDORA lists about Ubuntu.   

Is there something special that is required to make FEDORA run on UBUNTU?  

Yes I know this is the Fez list- but the FEDORA list has not given any feedback so far.


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You could see if slsa:420 indeed doesn’t exist in fedora via the fedora rest/url interface of the fedora administrator  client. That might be interesting.

Also the full backtrace might be more helpful. You can setup error reporting levels in the fez admin gui and increase it to a full backtrace for the log file.

If you do have Sohusin installed have you increased perhaps increase the vars as Luis had to:

suhosin.request.max_vars ---200 by default---->1000
suhosin.post.max_vars ---200 by default---->1000

I’m afraid I don’t know much about SUSE or Sohusin. If possible it might be easier to just install a fresh ubuntu 7.10 server edition and avoid these probable SUSE issues. The wiki install guides for ubuntu are pretty quick these days with most stuff installed via apt-get. If you need to stick with SUSE that’s ok but it will be harder for us to diagnose the problem remotely.


On 31/1/08 3:14 PM, "Abel, Sean (SLSA)" <Abel.Sean@slsa.sa.gov.au> wrote:

Hi Christiaan,

* Confirmed that I am indeed running PHP  5.2.25

* Sohusin is new to me,
php.info provides the following note: "This server is protected  with the Suhosin Patch"
however YaST  indicates that the php5-suhosin module is not installed.  I am thinking  that I might have to do a manual install of  php5.

* Looking at error_handler.log gives some  clues,  "Record slsa:420 doesn't exist" appears several times and other  messages complain that it can't reference this record.   

    [txt] =>  Array
            [0]  => Record slsa:420 doesn't  exist

  [script] =>  include/class.record.php
    [line] =>  2139
    [ip] => IP Address '' -  ( coming from the page (referrer) 'http://doms.slsa.
    [backtrace]  =>  Array
            [0]  =>  Array
                    [file]  =>  include/class.record.php:2139
                    [call]  => Error_Handler->logError"Record slsa:420 doesn't exist",  "/srv/www/htdocs/fez/in
clude/class.record.php",  2139

Does this offer any help to the trained eye?    



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Hi Sean

Have a look in your  error_handler.log log file and see if that gives some more clues. Do you have  Sohusin installed? If so perhaps try disabling it. Are you running PHP5 or 4?  Fez needs PHP5.


On 31/1/08 1:45 PM,  "Abel, Sean (SLSA)" <Abel.Sean@slsa.sa.gov.au>  wrote:

I have hit the next little obstacle in my  Fez  install.

While attempting to add a community,   collection or record I get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function   getXSD_HTML_Match() on a non-object in   /srv/www/htdocs/fez/include/class.record.php on line   2338
from  the error  logs I find:
The PID slsa:412 does not have an display id   (FezMD->xdis_id). This object is currently in an erroneous  state.
When I  look at the FEDORA search interface I can see that a  FEDORA object has been  created for each attempt to add via Fez,  however they are missing every second  PIDs.  ie slsa:407,  slsa:409, slsa:411 etc

Any ideas as to where I should start  looking?    

Server  setup:
SUSE  10.3
FEDORA  2.2.1
Fez 2.0
MySQL  5

Sean Abel

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State  Library of South  Australia

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