Thank you for the tips Luis. I am looking into how to use the oai-pmh and the oaiprovider services included with Fedora. I was wondering if there are any directions on how to configure the fez oai.php provider?






From: Luis Zorita []
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:27 PM
Subject: Re: [Fez-users] Dublin Core and OAI Harvesting


Hi Conor:
You have 3 options concerning oai-pmh when using fez-fedora
1.- use the included oai data provider in fez. http://your installation/oai.php
2.- use the included oai-pmh in fedora . http://yourinstallation:8080/fedora/oai?verb=Identify (or other verbs included in protocol )
3.- install the oaiprovider service from fedora.
In this case you can go to the (not sure the name of the configuration file) and set up to accept mods as metadataProfile. So you can add MODS to your listMetadataFormats.
In you can see an example of how implementing different schemas (MODS included)
Luis Zorita