We are  in the process of planning a one-day conference  in Denver, Colorado, on December 4, 2009 on the topic of  “Digital Repositories, Data Curation, and The Cloud” and sponsored by the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries.


We will be presenting guest keynotes from the National Library of Medicine and possibly DuraSpace or another Fedora-friendly institution, as well as Fedora-Fez repository applications within our consortia of academic libraries, with an intended audience of library faculty, staff, and institutional stakeholders…


Like any good one-day conference, we are exploring adding a half-day pre-conference event on December 3, 2009, also in Denver.


We’d like the pre-conference to be more of a technically-focused Fedora meet-up. Given the short timeframe, we don’t think a full-on Fedora Users Group meeting is possible, but we do think there may be regional and/or broader interest in connecting with Fedora users and those interested in Fedora – and Fez – from a technical standpoint. We would be happy to host such a gathering!  We could build an informal program discussing Fedora, Fez, DuraCloud, etc. – as well as lightening sessions showcasing institutions’ activities and emerging trends in the technological areas of repository development. At this point the agenda is completely open…and yours to focus!


Attendees would also be welcome to stay for the larger meeting the next day, of course!


We are thinking that we would ask for a nominal registration fee of $25 to cover food and beverage breaks, ad non-Alliance members participating in both meetings would be asked to also contribute the registration fee for Friday, too (right now, we think that will be $30, for a 2-day total of $55). We are also arranging for a block of rooms to be available at the Holiday Inn Select – Cherry Creek, Denver – where we would likely hold  both meetings.


If you and/or one or more of your colleagues would be interested  in participating in a Fedora meet-up on December 3rd, (or the larger conference on December 4th), please let me know – we need a small “critical mass” to make the meet-up a “go”…just respond to by October 26, 2009, indicating the likeliness you’d attend!


If you have any questions about either meeting, or the Alliance’s repository  services, please feel free to contact me via email or at the number below.


Best regards (and apologies for cross-postings),

 Jess Colati


Jessica Branco Colati

Alliance Digital Repository

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries