Hi Antonio
1) Can you edit the security for the community and/or collections these records and making sure your username or group etc are in the security rules?
There is a bug in Fez 1.2 where even though you are logged in as an 'Administrator' it doesn't bypass the security for the select_record.php page. (fixed for 1.3)
You could hunt through our subversion or do a backup of the existing files and a careful WinMerge on a downloaded current tarball of 1.3 if you like:
2) This is also fixed in 1.3 eg: http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/list.php?cat=search&full_text=&list%5B2%5D=water&list%5B3%5D=&list%5B5%5D=&list%5B12%5D=&list%5B19%5D=&list%5B11%5D=-1&list%5B6%5D=&list%5B16%5D=&list%5B17%5D=
So a (careful) WinMerge of the relevant search functions (in class.collection.php, list.php) and the smarty templates (/template/en/list_form.tpl.html)
Sorry I can't give direct step-by-step instructions at this point in time as we are focusing on 1.3

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Sent: Wednesday, 22 November 2006 10:39 PM
To: fez-users@lists.sourceforge.net
Cc: Christiaan Kortekaas
Subject: Small problems in FEZ 1.3.

I know that you are working hard for FEZ 1.3.
Since the Author situations take more time and effort I will
wait for your help later.
My question is: are you available to see the 2 other errors that I spoke?

the /fez/workflow/select_record.php? is not presenting the list of records.
The page uploads the community names correctly, then I select the collection (also presented correct) but when it's suppost to present the records they stay empty!

I also noticed that if we do a simple search the $terms name is presented in the results.
But if we do the advanced search the $terms name is not presented in the results.

I ask this because I kown that after the release of FEZ 1.3. other
situations will occur and take your time and FEZ 1.2. will be left back...

I also think that this 2 situations need to be solve for version 1.3. rigth?

Please let me know your plans.

Thanks again for the support.