Hi Haryo
From the error messages I can tell it is 100% a JHOVE problem.
So having a look at your jhove executable script I see:
JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home/ # Java JRE directory
JAVA=$JAVA_HOME/bin/java # Java interpreter
Are these the real locations of JRE and the java executable? They seem copied from the Mac OSX install example but might not be correct for your server. 
If not can you edit the jhove file and change these variables to the correct locations.
Also in the Fez instructions it says:
You will need to change the last line in the jhove executable 'jhove' (not sure why, but it doesn't work otherwise):
  • FROM: ${JAVA} -classpath $CP Jhove $ARGS -c ${JHOVE_HOME}/conf/jhove.conf
  • TO: ${JAVA} -classpath $CP Jhove -c ${JHOVE_HOME}/conf/jhove.conf $ARGS
This doesn't seem to be done in this jhove file.. so if fixes to the above java variables don't work then can you change the last line to:
${JAVA} -classpath $CP Jhove -c ${JHOVE_HOME}/conf/jhove.conf $ARGS
Can you try running the jhove executable outside of Fez (eg in the linux shell against a pdf) and see if it works at all outside of Fez? This is a good way to test it as
Jhove will give you helpful error messages eg can't find java etc.

From: Haryo Septiantoro [mailto:h.septiantoro@ecu.edu.au]
Sent: Tuesday, 29 August 2006 11:34 AM
To: Christiaan Kortekaas
Subject: Re: [Fez-users] create record problem

Hi Christiaan,

This error occur when we did create and update with attaching file. If we did not attach them, then it worked fine. So I guess you are right, it may related to JHOVE script that we have.

On attachment, we have JHOVE script and the error message in HTML file.

Please note that when we setup fez at the beginning we set JHOVE JAVA_HOME variable to a symbolic link one instead of the one that we set it right now. We wonder if we need to re-run the setup after changes has been made.

Also on the error log file, if you see error on line 804 on file class.fedora_api.php, it shall refer to line 786 or 787. This is appeared differently because we have added commented lines of code within.