Bit of an odd problem here with the default Conference Proceedings MODs display. All the other MODS displays I've checked are OK.

Anyway, the default Conf. Proc. display has subjects with subloop elements of RFCD and Keywords. When adding records to the "out of the box" display, the RFCD field displays OK, but not so the Keywords. There is no problem with the Keyword configurations, as far as I can tell.

I can add additional subloops to subject, and all will display OK. I can delete the Keyword config, put it back successfully under another name, and in fact do virtually anything I like with the various subloops . Except! As soon as I sneakingly either rename a working subloop to "Keywords" or change the indicator value and hidden static text of subject!authority to "keyword", the field won't display in record browse mode any more. The only way I can find to get things back is to change both the indicator value and the hidden static text to anything other than "keyword".


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