Dear All,


I ran into something strange with Fez 1.3 and I am wondering if others have experienced this problem.


When trying to add an XSD, every time I hit the “Add document type XSD” button, I received an error that read “Please enter the title of this doc type xsd.”


Looking at the Javascript code that validates the form, I see that the form data is passed to the function which looks for a field named “title.”  But the title field of the “add an XSD” form is named “xsd_title.”


I had to edit the templates/en/manage/doc_type_xsds.tpl template so that the function would validate the xsd_title field – this fixed the problem.


I consider this doubly strange because I have added XSDs before in this fashion, just a week ago in fact. 


Has any one else experienced anything similar?  Any ideas why I would be able to add an XSD a week ago and not be able to add one a week later using the same method?











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