The first thing I would do is look directly at the record in Fedora using Fedora Administrator to determine if the image was actually uploaded into the record.  There should be a datastream in the object that has the same name (ex. yourimage.jpg) as the image you uploaded.  Then I would check to see if the additional image datastreams (web_yourimage.jpg, preview_yourimage.jpg) were created.  You can view the images directly through Fedora Administrator by selecting the datastream and then clicking View at the bottom of the window.

Other datastreams you might want to look for to determine the completeness of the record are… FezACML, RELS-EXT, presmd_yourimage.xml, FezMD, PremisEvent, DC, MODS.

What process are you using to upload your images into records?



From: John Wynn-Williams []
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 6:37 PM
Subject: [Fez-users] Bulk loading unto Fez


Hi there,


This is something that I enquired about quite long time ago, i didn't manage to make any progress on it.


I am able to go through the process of bulk loading jpgs into Fez.  I am able to create a number of records that seem to have images attached.  However when you click on the image there isn't anything there, size is listed as "0" etc.


I anyone able to provide me with any assistance with this.


Regards, John



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