I just pushed code to the trunk (Rev 1897) that allows versioning of content in Fez.  This is an extension of the work done by Matt Painter that allowed viewing of versions of metadata (XML datastreams). 


To use…


1)       edit include/class.configuration.php and set:



These default to admin users only being able to see past versions.


2)       Go to Administration->Site Configuration->Versioning Settings

a.       Set Enable Versioning for Attached Files and External Links = On


As content (attached files and external links) is added and modified, older versions can be viewed using a droplist of versions near the bottom of the page.  When an attached file or external link is deleted, it is only marked as deleted.  An admin can purge (permanently delete) content.  Content that was deleted is viewable in previous versions.


XML datastreams that were created through the XSD Display will be versioned based on the ‘Versionable’ flag as it is set in the XSD Display.  If a particular datastream is not versioned and you view a previous version, you will see the current values for that datastream.


The status of this code with respect to Fedora implementation

Fedora 2.2:

Fully Tested

Fedora 2.1.1:

Implemented, but not fully tested

Direct Access:   

Not Implemented