For workflows and workflow_states, both of which specify roles, the summary tables show Annotator when the id is set to 11.  This is happening because the templates show the role by referencing the roles array with a named item that doesn’t exist.  Removing the named item fixes the problem.


Ex. wfl_roles={ [0]=2, [1]=11 }



OLD:  {assign var="aro_id" value=$list[i].wfl_roles[r].wfr_aro_id}

NEW:  {assign var="aro_id" value=$list[i].wfl_roles[r]}



OLD:  {assign var="aro_id" value=$list[i].wfs_roles[r].wfsr_aro_id}

NEW:  {assign var="aro_id" value=$list[i].wfs_roles[r]}


I’ve attached both files.