This problem is produced because the original file is composed by several layers and the convert command generates an output file for each layer.


It can be fixed specifying to the convert command to take the first layer, which is done adding ‘[0]’ to the original image name, as shown in the following line [file wfb.image_resize.php] :


$command = escapeshellcmd(APP_CONVERT_CMD)." -resize \"".escapeshellcmd($width)."x".escapeshellcmd($height).">\" ".$image_dir.escapeshellcmd($image)."[0] ".APP_TEMP_DIR.escapeshellcmd($temp_file);




Leire Urcelay


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I’m trying to upload defFax images (file extension: fff) using Fez. 


Jhove recognises this kind of images and sets “image/tiff” as Mime type but I can see the following messages in the Preservation Metadata file:



  <message offset="36415650" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 34152</message>

  <message offset="398" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46275</message>

  <message offset="36215586" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46277</message>

  <message offset="8" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46279</message>

  <message offset="33456598" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 46281</message>

  <message offset="35815586" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 50457</message>

  <message offset="35545580" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 50458</message>

  <message offset="37803464" severity="info">Unknown TIFF IFD tag: 340</message>



Then, when generating thumbnail, preview and web versions of the image I’ve got the following errors:


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:45 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/thumbnail_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:46 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/preview_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


[Mon Nov 20 12:47:47 2006] Found error 'File not created c:/temp/web_DUB_P_0015.jpg<br/>' on line '89' of script 'C:\ApacheGroup\Apache2\htdocs\fez\workflow\thumbnail.php' on page '/fez/workflow/enter_metadata.php'.


If I go to the temporary directory, the files thumbnail_DUB_P_0015.jpg , preview_DUB_P_0015.jpg  and web_DUB_P_0015.jpg are not created.  However, the following ones are created: thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, thumbnail_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, preview_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-0.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-1.jpg, web_DUB_P_0015-2.jpg.


I don’t understand very well what is happening…


Has somebody else found similar problems?  Any help is welcome!


Leire Urcelay