I know Combo Boxes for elements in the XSDs were discussed recently on the Fez list, but we appear to have encountered another (maybe related?) issue…I’m wondering if it is a bug?


We have successfully edited the Image MODS XSD to support a combo box for the Type of Resource element and populated it with appropriate terminology: still image, text, etc.


We’d like to clone and rename the Image XSD 11 times (once each for our member institutions) so that it can be further customized to local metadata needs.


When we clone the XSD, we lose all combo box values. The element carries through, as does the setting for a combo box, but the values are gone.


Is this a bug? Is there anything we can do to preserve the combo box values? We’d prefer not to set these up to controlled vocabularies at this time.  Once we finish Images, we’ll be cloning about a dozen more resource types eleven times, all with the Type of Resource element included…so any help would be much appreciated!





Jessica Branco Colati
Project Director, Alliance Digital Repository
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

e: jessica@coalliance.org
w: http://www.coalliance.org