Batch Import

  • braithwa

    I attempted to use the batch import.
    Have created a community called "Global", and given it a
    collection called "usq". I can see my community "Global"
    from the batch import screen, but I cannot see the
    collection called "usq". I can see my collection called
    "usq" from the "browse communitites" screen.


    I would like to be pointed at some documentation describing
    the format that the information for batch import needs to be

    • J.Staebler

      Hi Christiaan,

      I tried ELATED - exact same Fedora Config as when using fez - works fine. There I get the PID and when browsing with fedora-admin its all there.
      So, the settings/config from fedora seems correct.


    • Christiaan

      Hi Stephen,

      Sorry I haven't responded to this earlier. I have now set SF to email me whenever a new thread is created here. I have mainly been answering queries from the mailing list and forgot to look in the forum.

      You tell batch import a directory to import from in the and that dir's contents will show up in the form. You select a subdirectory to batch import and Fez will detect what types of files they are and import them.

      It can handle ePrints "export_xml" xml dumps where it will try and match the ePrints fields against generic document elements eg DC etc.

      It can also accept a dir full of images or files and create an object for each one, and create thumbnails and index them too.

      It also handles METS and FOXML xml files for batch import if they are found in the selected directory.

      With Fez 1.2 we are going to make the batch importing run in the background and be monitored via a 'progress bar' style tracker in My Fez which will tell you how long it will take to finish, previous batch runs etc. This is because with very large imports it seems to stop half way through. If we ran it in the background it would not time out.

      There seems to be a bug with the batch import form when you go to it from 'My Fez' - thanks for spotting it. It doe's however work when you run it from 'create generic object' (from collection listing screen) then choose the batch import workflow on the next screen.