Dear Friends,
I wan to change stabdart "Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines" list to the our research aim like these:

General Quantum Mechanics (42)
Collapse theories (1)
Copenhagen interpretation (2)
Decoherence in Quantum Mechanics (1)
Everett many-worlds interpretation (6)
Heisenberg uncertainty principle (2)
Historical Landmark Articles (23)
History of quantum mechanics (3)
Measurement in quantum mechanics (11)
Nonlocality in Quantum Mechanics (1)
Quantum Entanglement and Information (3)
Quantum logic (1)
Quantum mechanics vs Classical physics (9)
Chaos and Brain Dynamics (1)
Coherence in Biological Systems (2)
Consciousness Causes Collapse (5)
Decoherence in Brain Processes (4)
Electromagnetic Theory of Consciousness (3)
General Aspect (20)
Microtubules and Consciousness (1)
Mind Brain Interaction (31)

Is there any file for this change.
Where is the editable "Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines" file?