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FenceDB release 0.0.1b

FenceDB release 0.0.1b is out. It includes the latest code from

Included is final O/R mapping as well as fencing business logic classes.

Full Javadoc is included in the file, as well as a couple of sample programs for the API

Posted by Nicolas Sallembien 2003-06-13

FenceDB UI package released

Version 0.0.1b includes support for

- displaying list of fencers from the database,
- selecting an individual fencer and getting detail information

You will need struts and the latest fencedb package to make this release work

Posted by Nicolas Sallembien 2003-06-13

FenceDB first release 0.0.1

The first downloadable release has been made. You may go to the file release page to download it.

Features at this point include fully implemented business objects, metadata mapping defined for OJB, and a test program to test those mappings.

The development team will now focus on implementing various data fetching tools to allow one to fill the database with meaningful data. Once this is done we will start working on the UI and I will provide a link to a site where you will be able to test different queries and see the database in action.

Posted by Nicolas Sallembien 2003-06-08