Not enough graphics card memory...

  • none.

    sys config:
    AMD Athlon 600
    256 MB RAM
    Matrox G400 Gfx Card. (1152x876 @ 32bpp)

    For some strange reason I can only play in 8bpp and 24bpp fullscreen modes. If I set any of the other available screen modes I get the 'not enough graphics card memory' error. 32MB ought to be enough to run the emulator at 2048x1536 @ 32bpp using triple buffering.

    • Configuration:
      Athlon 700
      128 Mb RAM
      Matrox Millennium G400MAX (DH)

      Hi. I just want to say, that the excactly same thing happened here. We got the same graphics card, so maybe it's got something to do with that? Or the CPU??


    • Anonymous

      Correct me if I am wrong but:

      2048 x 1536 =   3145728 bits
                  *        32 bpp
                  = 100663296 bits
                  *         3 frames
                  = 301989888 bits
                  =  37748736 bytes
                  =     36864 kbytes
                  =        36 Mbytes

      Thats raw, I don't know if that card does any
      frame storage trickery or saves delta's.




    • Anonymous

      PIII 533
      128MB RAM
      S3 Inc. Savage4
      800x600x32 res.

      I can't run WinFellow in windows mode too...