#224 Open a post in firefox

Baptiste MATHUS

Well, I looked for a similar entry in the "Request
Feature" DB and did not find it... Maybe I used it
wrong, i'm a bit tired :).

So, I think this would be a *great* thing to be able to
open displayed post in an external window (a tab would
be event better) of firefox.

It would make sense to use the ff engine instead of the
ie one, but I think this is fairly more complicated to
add to the current software compared to just add the
possibility to open a link in an external window.

Look at your linux fork : Liferea. It can do it with a
large range of different browsers.

So, to sum up : Please let me open a link in an
external window. I can't stand using the ie engine and
*never* click on the link of the posts : always copying
the target link and pasting it in a new tab of ff...
What a great thing if it could be done automatically :).

Thanks in advance.


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    I must make a precision. I know this is already possible to
    open a lonk in an external window. But first it's possible
    from every links and second it costs me two clicks instead
    of what could be easily with only one : why not enable for
    example CTRL+Click on the post to do this opening in an
    external browser ?

    CTRL+Click would be great too because it's already a shorcut
    used in ff : so it wouldn't something completely new to
    learn for the user experience :).

    Thanks again.

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    I would like that too. Going to an external browsers offers
    possibilities, use that browser capabilities, i.e.
    adblocking, bookmarking etc.

    In the current state, I will not use the software any longer.

  • Paul Zagoridis
    Paul Zagoridis

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    Yes please! Opening IE is a major pain. I'm copying and
    pasting at the moment into Firefox.

    While I too wish Feedreader were built on ff, I'm willing to
    use it as is. All I need is open link into ff.