#223 Many interface improvements


1: The ability to change the layout, to put the view
window to the right of the headlines, rather than only
underneath it

2: The ability to choose NOT to have something
automatically marking something as read, just because I
happen to click on it. (I prefer to choose to mark things
as read manually)

3: The ability to select several headlines at once (via
Shift-clicking & Ctrl-clicking) to mark them as read, flag
them, etc. as a block, rather than one at a time.

4: The ability to automatically hide things marked as
read. For that matter, the ability to hide read articles at

5:The ability to edit existing filters, rather than deleting
and making a new one.

6: The ability to sort headlines based on highlights, flags,

7: Multi-tiered sorting (ie. sort by highlight, then age, then
title - see the sorting dialog in MSExcell for a good

8: Scoring (ie. each headline is either given or loses a
number of points for matching various criteria set via

9: More powerfull filtering - preferably regex or regex-like.
at the very least, exclusions.

10: Archive based on time, rather than number of
headlines. (ie. delete after one week, one month, etc.)

11: Headline duration before deleting being controlled by
some filterable element, allowing trivial headlines to get
nuked faster than more important ones. Similarly, the
ability to mark some headlines as undeleteable.