#2 Proxy issues

Matt Dillard

I've enjoyed feedreader so far, but I've found two
issues with connecting to feeds through a proxy server:
1. When prompted for my proxy password, the password I
type is displayed plaintext, rather than echoing
asterisks or something similar instead.
2. As mentioned I connect to the web via a proxy
server, yet for the intranet, I need to be able to
bypass the proxy. Since I subscribe to feeds both
external and internal to my company, I have to turn the
proxy on in order to get the external feeds and then
turn it off again to get the internal feeds. Would you
consider adding the ability to bypass the proxy server
for certain domains, such as is done in Mozilla, or
perhaps have a checkbox to bypass proxy for local
addresses, as in Internet Explorer?

Otherwise, this is a great product! Thanks!



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    I vote for the proxy exclusion feature too. Right now I can't
    use Feedreader for both intranet and Internet RSS feeds
    because this is not supported.