Periods of full cpu

  • Mine goes to 100% CPU, then goes unresponsive.  CPU  usage drops, but reader never recovers.  Same version: running on Win2K. 
    Have allowed it to run that way for a couple of hours without it recovering.  Closing it hard, naturally, loses any changes since last save. 
    Bug in code?  Faulty logic?  Tried earlier versions, and all recent ones show something similer, though not as bad.  (Many have CPU peaks, but early ones either do not go unresponsive or recover within an hour.)
       Much as I like BottomFeeder,  I really like FeedReader better.  (When it works.)

  • Stefan Probst
    Stefan Probst

    Nearly same here. Win XP. Feedreader takes lots of CPU (70% plus, minus), as soon as new feeds arrive, i.e. when the cubicle in the task starts to turn. When I click on the cubicle, so that the main window opens, the CPU usage drops back to normal.