Proxy authentication problem

  • T2H

    When first time tab use proxy server and give address,port and username then password is asked.  But if password change how can re-enter password?

    • I will look into this.

      • James Moore
        James Moore

        Any update on this issue?

        • Open the file Feedreader.ini in C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Feedreader.

          There is a line 'ProxyPassword='. Clear the password and start FR. Go to the properties form. Edit your Username, so that FR thinks you entered a new one. After this you should be asked for the password.

          Sorry that i didn't post this here. I had the same question sent to me via email. Answered this and forgot that the same question was asked here.

    • Open the file Feedreader.ini in %Appdata%\Feedreader and delete the value after the item 'ProxyPassword='.
      Open the Properties and enter your proxy username again. Now click on 'OK', you will be asked for your password.