Running Feedreader from USB disk-on-key?


  • Anonymous

    [quote]  -It's possible to configure Feedreader to store all files in the application
       directory. So you can install it to a zip disc, usb stick, etc. and run it
       from there without leaving files on the hd. See the FAQ about how to achieve

    How?  Or: where is the FAQ?  Thanks!

    • Get the latest build from

      In the archive there is a file named 'FAQ.txt'.

      Where are my feeds saved?
      By default the feeds and the program options are saved in the application data
      To save the feeds and program options in the program directory follow
      this steps:

      -Be sure that you have have enough rights for the desired directory (read, write, create).

      -If you never run Feedreader before, install it to the desired location, create there an empty file named "Feedreader.ini" and start using Feedreader.

      -If you used Feedreader before, move all files from the application data directory in your Feedreader program directory.