#328 FeedReader Crashes and Loses all of my Feeds


This has been happening a lot lately...Twice in just
this past week.

I am using FeedReader 2.90 with Win XP Home. When I
load FeedReader the error message I sometimes get is:

"Error loading subscribed feeds. Cannot open file
C:\Documents and settings\lynn\application
data\feedreader\subscriptions.xml. The process cannot
access the file because it is being used by another

So I click ok on the error message and feedreader loads
with none of my feeds and I have to re-import them all
over again. I have no idea what the "other process"
could be, I don't run any other RSS programs and there
aren't any other programs which access that particular

Any ideas? Because this is getting really annoying.


  • fartbaby

    Screen shot of error

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    It takes so long to save information that I suspect XP sometimes
    nukes the program when you are shutting down the system. And
    so Feedreader hasn't finished writing to the disk.

    Try quitting it first before you shut down.

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    Actually, this error only occurs when I am starting
    FeedReader, not when I am shutting down windows.

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    Some here!! Already considering to switch to a differtent
    reader. have to back up my subscription.xml every time befor
    i start feedreader..

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    I had the same, the subscription.xml file got corrupted
    due to a power failure of the pc. So feedreader doesn't
    protect itself for such occasions. An automatic backup
    build-in would be a nice-to-have

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    Had the same problem!

    But managed to restore my feeds as follows: in the
    feedreader directory I found an empty
    file 'subscriptions.xml' as well as a file '
    subscriptions_bad.xml'. I closed Feedreader, renamed
    the 'bad file' back into 'subscriptions.xml', and
    restarted Feedreader.

    All my feeds are now back, but I lost my history of

    Just to be sure I backed up mu subscriptions.xml today, in
    ase it happens again