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#319 Pop-up Notification


I have the most current version of Feedreader 2.90
installed on my PC running Windows XP with SP2, I
tried running this experiment with my Pop-Up Blocker
turned on & turned off & I get the same end results.

Try this experiment with me using your Feedreader &
see If you get the same result as I do.

Please visit


If you notice after visiting this web-site; Most of the
Ministry links have their own RSS feed link that can be
added to a RSS Reader.

If you scroll down the web-site, on the right side of the
page, you'll see that tiny orange XML icon, click it &
copy & paste the URL address into your RSS Reader.

When you add the RSS link to the Reader, it adds the
new feed perfectly, as a matter of fact new feed content
are updated with no problem.

The problem occurs when you access the common
audio player from within the FeedReader; The common
audio player opens in a new window & for some odd
reason I get this error message when I try to open up an
audio player link from within the Reader:

"Pop-Up Notification - The displayed web-page is about
to show a pop-up Window. Do you want to see it? Yes
or No"

This pop-up message is followed by opening up a
common folder on my desktop, strange huh? Why is
this happening? For some strange reason, I cant open
the common audio player from within the RSS

My regular Internet Explorer opens up the audio player
window with no problem but the reader doesnt seem to
be able to do that.

Can you explain what Im doing wrong? What setting
changes do I need to make? Could it be possible that
this FeedReader isn't compatible for this kind of web-
site? Please get back to me. I personally thank you for
time. My email address is AgapeArtman@msn.com
Thank you!



  • dralph144

    Logged In: YES

    I have the same problem described in the latter part of
    this post. Latest ver of Feedreader, WinXP Pro, SP2 and
    all updates. IE, latest version is default, Foxfire in
    reserve. The RSS feeds come through OK in the first
    instant, and the initial linked web page comes OK
    when "Read On" is clicked. BUT, WHEN LINKS INSIDE THE
    video or audio play (NPR links, for one, but this is true
    of any web page linke) the following message is displayed
    in a pop up window: "displayed Web-Page is about to open
    a Popup-Window". Too bad, because the next web page never
    opens. Instead, the local hard drive folder "C:\Documents
    and Settins\user" opens. This is useless. The audio and
    video features work just fine if they are accessed
    manually from a web page obtained manually from a browser
    indepent of Feedreader running. But, that is the whole
    purpose of Feedreader, not to fumble around in a browser
    manually. What's the problem with the enclosed browser in
    Feedreader opening the links for audio or video???
    Thx. dralph144

  • strieale

    Logged In: YES

    CNN Player also same problem. Really a pity this cannot be
    solved, because - as stated - the whole point of FR/RSS is
    not to mess about with browser manually. Any news anybody?

  • Logged In: NO

    Probably a bug. Very strange behaviour of FR v2.90 , but
    try this:
    - uncheck 'open links in new browser window'
    (properties- general);
    - uncheck 'force new browser windows'
    (properties - misc);
    - uncheck 'open headline in new browser window' on the
    feed (feed properties)

    Now links open nicely in IE6, etc. Before, opened Explorer
    view on my homedrive. As a limited user (no admin).