Announcing a Fedora Web-based Learning Object Repository

Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 2, 2008 — Dutch-based Func. Internet Integration has announced the release of Flori 1.0, a new Fedora open source add-on that enables a web graphical user interface (GUI) for learning object repositories.

Flori (Fedora Learning Object Repository Interface) is a web front-end for Fedora that specializes in managing learning objects and their metadata. Key features include virtual repositories and flexible metadata schema's, such an IEEE-LOM. A Dutch localization is provided. Adding other languages is easy.

Flori was developed for 'Kennisnet Ict op school' ( The foundation Kennisnet is a public ICT support organization established by and for education. Kennisnet manages the interests of the Dutch education sector, offers ICT related knowledge and delivers public educational services and products to renew and innovate education.

Kennisnet's goal is to stimulate schools in the Netherlands to incorporate the use of learning object repositories in instruction. Flori was developed by Func. Internet Integration ( as an entry-level repository product. After a successful roll-out in the Netherlands, the product is now released by Kennisnet under the terms of the GPL.

For more information please visit the project's SourceForge website where screenshots, downloads and support are provided (

Posted by Carissa Smith 2008-01-03