I am attempting to do a custom install with version 3.3. I am using a mysql database that is located locally on the system. When I get to the part when the software requests login credentials for the mysql instance I ensure that I have everything typed in properly, this is also ensured as I have attempted to do this about a dozen times, and I keep getting the error "Unexpected exception encountered during query." Have you seen this error? I am running mysql version 5.0.77.

I received the following feedback from Chris:

I haven't seen this error before.  Are there any other details printed (like a stack trace), or does the error only say "Unexpected exception encountered during query?".  Also, are you using the MySQL driver that is bundled with the installer, or your own?  Are there any other specific details you can provide?  (Are you using the default JDBC url, and has the database already been created in MySQL?)

Unfortunately I am still very wet behind the ears with Linux. I don't have a stack trace. The error only states "Unexpected exception encountered during query." Then it goes back and  I am using the default MySQL driver that is bundled with the installer. I have created two databases, one as the default and one called fedora_commons. I have attempted to use the default JDBC url and one that I type in manually. Both are getting the same exact error message. I have attempted to use two different users just incase one was bad. Here are the steps that I am going through:

Here are the steps:
1 - custom
2 - /usr/local/webapp
3- add a password
4 - leave at default (local host)
5 - leave at default (www.example.com/fedora)
6 - leave at default (false)
7 - leave at default (true)
8 - leave at default (false)
9 - leave at default (true)
10 - existingTomcat
11 - /usr/local/tomcat
12 - leave at default (8080)
13 - leave at default (8005)
14 - leave at default (8443)
15 - type in default
16 - leave as default (changeit)
17 - leave as default (JKS)
18 - mysql
19 - leave as default (included JDBC driver)
20 - fedoraadmin
21 - insert password that was created
22 - I have tried using both of the following. I created the second database and the install created the first.
       a. jdbc:mysql://localhost/fedora3?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&autoReconnect=true
       b. jdbc:mysql://localhost/fedora_commons?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&autoReconnect=true
23 - leave as default (com.mysql.jdbc.Driver)
24 - receive error - Unexpected exception encountered during query.
25 - install starts back to requesting a JDBC driver for MySQL and steps 19-23 become a never ending loop with the error message always coming up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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