I’m more of an interface developer, but I think I can point you in the right direction.  Others may be able to elaborate.


As I understand it, you create collections by establishing relationships between objects.  You will generally create a collection object (to which you can apply a xacml policy if you desire), and using relational metadata, you can relate other objects to the collection object.  This relational metadata can be captured by your indexing application (such as Lucene or Solr – look into GSearch to help you out here), meaning that you can specify which collection you wish to search in your query. 


You might get a good idea of how relationships work by examining the RDF stuff here:





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Hello Guys,


I have a small question and I really hope someone can quickly point me to right location.


How do we implement collections in Fedora Commons?  Can we have xacml policies pertaining to a collection? And also I want to know if these objects can be searched based on collection?


Can someone please point me to right url from the documentation? I just can’t seem to find it.